You may have been here before. You may reached a point in your life where you are living day to day. You may find it difficult to think about the future – the next steps – on your path. You may also find that you get caught up in whirlwinds of thought around how the future will unfold for you.
And you may not immediately see how the erratic activity of your mind is damaging your body. But if you allow yourself to check in – to feel – you will notice a subtle tension. The conflict in your mind is confusing your body.

This tension is your body telling you to stop. Your body is wise. Your role is to listen to it – to feel the resting state of peace beneath the surface. It is possible for your mind and your body to work harmoniously. But you rarely allow this to happen.
The challenge is to change. The challenge is to allow your body to lead the way. The challenge is to allow the peace in your body to permeate your entire experience. It is possible. You don’t have to live your life through your mind, all the time.
It will take time to balance yourself out – to unlock the control of your mind over your body. But, as you do it, you will come into contact with the plethora of your own internal resources. You will, in other words, connect with your innate wisdom.
In allowing your body to lead, the reality of the thoughts in your mind is thrown into serious doubt. After all, you will notice that your body is in such a state of peace that it can override any thought. This doesn’t mean that you are ignoring your thoughts. It is more that your body comes into a state of acceptance for every thought.
You can live with tremendous uncertainty about the future. It is possible for you. The challenge is for you to connect more with the peace in your body. And to then allow that peace to totally imbue your experience of life.~


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