:)Happiness Unlimited:)
:roll:Ego is attachment to a wrong image of myself. It is when we are not aware of our true identity, and identifyourselves with all that we have acquired.
🤔- Our body, name, position, relationships, caste, nationality are all acquired. They are all mine, but they are not I. Iam a pure conscient being and it is – my body, name, family and position.
👑- A royal soul is the one whose state of mind is not dependent on others. Royalty means being a master of oneself,not a victim or a slave.
😇- Detachment means my state of mind in not dependent on others, and then I can remain stable and give unconditional love and acceptance.
:|- Worry is not Love. When we worry we create and send negative energy. In any situation let’s create the right quality of thoughts that is love, care and concern.
🙇�- When we remain stable and then share with others – why they need to change, then it is only for their benefit and not for our happiness.


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