Letting Go and Let in God*💥🌷💥❤
When something — anything — in your life doesn’t serve your highest and best good, it only makes sense to release that energy. By letting it go you open up a space to be filled. And you get to choose what to fill it with. Once you let go of the hurt & pain then the space for love and happiness is created. Blocks disappear. You start meeting the right people , events begin to occur that move you forward through the area that you were previously stuck in.
Here are 4 steps to overcoming the ‘Ghosts of the Past’
1. *Cut cords regularly* – Good Bad Ugly whatever has happened is done ; what you have today is a present so treat it with love and gratitude. Cut cords with toxic past , people and situations. Cutting emotional cords with the past really helps to create a beautiful relationship with the present.

2. *Take Ownership of your Life* You and only you are responsible for your life if you keep blaming others there can never be healing.

So take the power back , feel empowered what ever situation you are in it can be altered by YOU and only YOU. So stop thinking yourself to be a victim any more.
3. *Forgive forgive forgive* 

There is no better therapy than the act of forgiveness, how long do u want to carry the burden of your past is actually upto you??The day you decide to let go and allow yourself to be healed it becomes a new beginning for you. If you feel there is some hurt/resentment/anger still within you then do FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness means you choose your peace of mind over ego.
4. *Live in Gratitude* Each one of us came on Earth with a unique purpose , you may not have known it yet but it will unfold. So be awake and aware ; be of service, be kind and live each moment of life like it was meant to be. Be a conscious creator and create your life full of love and gratitude.
During meditation did any of you feel uneasy near the heart and back? If yes you need to do forgiveness and release the stuck up emotions.
*People who are complaining spend their lives complaining; people who are grateful spend their life being grateful. Which one are you?*
May you all be blessed with Enlightened Relationships


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