*☘🌷“ Balance in Nature ”🌷☘*
🌷Nature has its own cycle and there seems to be a string of Pearls created in this wheel of nature. 
🌷If you remove even a single Pearl from the string, the entire string will break. All its components have contributed equally in Preparing the string, no one contributed either more or less ! 
🌷All the animals, birds and insects and humans are included in the string. Trees, vegetation and small plants are also included in the wheel of nature. 
🌷And all are inter-dependent in maintaining the string. Every creature on Earth has its own importance and contribution; and it is due to MAN alone that this balance in nature’s Cycle in being disturbed. 
🌷 MAN is the only greedy animal who is never satisfied. He keeps on killing animals for his own selfish reasons. 
🌷 There is no animal in the world which has the inclination towards greed and amassing wealth like humans. 
🌷Man is finding new ways to Pollute the atmosphere in order to fulfill his need for amenities; and this Pollution he creates is disturbing the balance in Nature. 
🌷 Every creature must be allowed to live his life on Earth. In the jungle, the lion hunts for Prey only when he is hungry and only to satisfy his hunger; and when he is not hungry, he does not harm any birds or animals even if he sees them roaming around. But MAN is always so hungry for wealth that he himself may die but lust for wealth does not end. 
🌷 No other creature is as cruel as a human. It would have been so much better if humans did not exist in this world at all. 


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