🌷🍁Just a Moment🍁🌷
🙇‍♀See problems as opportunities🙇‍♀
🌻 When a problem comes, do I panic or do I see it as a challenge? Sometimes the whole world seems like a problem; sometimes I need to create problems so as to keep myself busy. A problem is only a problem when I call it a problem. A situation is only as difficult as I want it to be.
🌻 Difficulties and disappointments are the events which lead me to maturity. After all, wisdom does not necessarily come with age; it is the gift of experience.
🌻 I have a tendency to imagine that my problems are greater and more important than anyone else’s.  It is in fact a subtle form of ego; the feeling that “my problem is worse than your problem, so you must give me regard”.
🌻 More often I am so confused and clouded that I cannot see a clear way out of a given problem, with the result that fear and tension build up, and I become irritable and filled with self-pity. In that frame of mind the smallest obstacle becomes huge.
🌻I keep running away from situations that I find disagreeable ; and the further I run away from a problem, the more difficult it is to resolve.


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