THE TRUTH OF LIFE                                               


                   It’s natural that the birth and death are accidental 
 to all the mortal  creatures. Man is not a-part from that   natural phenomenon both are reciprocal  co-incidental   incidents  one after another. From the primitive stage man has been trying to know the reality by chasing nature’s secrecy. Thought of intellectual’s  legacy  has no bounds to derive the nature’s secrecy …. i.e., the beauty  bounty and it’s calamities, unexpectedly surprising . 
                 A big question (?) that what ought to know  frightens the man-kind  and  indulges  in a wonderful way in their search. How the stars are twinkling ? moonlight  is glittering ? sun is shining ? and the timely periodicals of the winter , summer and rainy seasons are occurring ? All these cyclical changes  of nature are due to “A Hand “  behind the nature which persists it’s beauty too , to it’s calamity . At this strategy the natural birth and death are a dramatic play of the force behind the nature , so that it is an accidental incident happening for each and every mortal creature that renders to struggle for existence, “ Is called life” . 
         Life is not a legitimate integrity of a fashion or narrative effects from every nook and corner. In general view life means livelihood. In scientific version it is a sensitive gene of a living being. There is a  mere need and deed of every particular mortal being in this world as attributed by the high paths of Philosophical attitude .
                      So life is a boon for it’s own sake of  tasks, 
                        Man has a right  by his life to do  ethical endeavor , and other’s survival  of his rituals  life. Every man strives to lead, at the cost of  his ability to enrich all his prosperities. But they are not his own forever , or even from time to time as all his achievement relates to delinquency darkness of naked  lack of knowledge . 
                   This vanished misfortune irritates and threatens the individual to dip into the depths of  sorrowful ocean .
                 Then he thinks the drama of life is not in his own hands , and he is not peculiar  to others. Then he presumes that the real life appears like a moon out of the eclipse.
              At this juncture he questions himself  “who am I” ?
And  “what for this life is meant” . Life is not a fashion or a livelihood system , without having any concept of achievements.
            Life a dream to a-dreamer, life is a game to a-player , life is an achievement to a-victor, and life is a hard obstacle to gallop for a-challenger. Life means a terrible gambling .
              But nobody can aware of the secrecy of life as he is in center as first person “I”.  Some what he can learn by the good and bad experiences from the past to the present. He is nothing but an observer , when he wishes to know the solid state of life from others souls. He may be the second person “what you have done” he can narrate , but can’t know “I & you ” are ONE.

                       Then he thinks of the third person “He” who is behind the nature , directing the future drama. Though the third person “ He”  always strengthens the hands of first and second person’s (I & you) what we can not expect , “I & you” are  all one by the illusion of the third person. 
                  Mean while man is pretending himself  in his life , by fulfilling his selfish wants satisfying  with his  own capabilities.But the “Almighty” is the capacitor , and always the third person.
                In the faculties of Hinduism it is said that “anatma” Differs from “atma” .
              “I think ” “I do ” I am satisfied all these feelings of you, yourself are, are nothing but selfishness which accumulates the pretty pride and superiority complex.
                      Exponents also fall down  by their selfish wants and are lured to  suffer in their life existence, to get more and more in this endless drama. So to say, they achieved nothing but death after birth, by their credit of good and bad deeds from the past  to the present births. 
                          This is also a cyclical concept of life’s truth can only lead the life to the goal ,which results in what man ought to know . Knowing this truth………………………?
          O Man!!   Lead this life truthfully.


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