*The door of Forgiveness*
There are many rooms and many doors to those rooms to choose in each moment. Each decision and choice we make brings us to our next choice. These unlimited choices become the content of our lives. Each choice we make….no matter how insignificant, generates consequences (good and bad) that effect the next choice. If we look back we will see a clear pattern from our brief history in this form. If we are honest with ourselves and forgiving, we can change the course and direction by surrendering our decisions to the source of creation. By entering through the door of forgiveness, we begin to understand the limitations of ourselves and others. It’s not a matter of good and evil or who’s right or who’s wrong. The greatest choice we can make, is to hand over our will to the infinite power of all that is true. The key to peace, is to relinquish all resentments and judgments and let go of self-victimization. Forgiveness will clear a path for growth and bring a calmness and knowingness within..



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