*Excellent Inspiring Message:*
A Businessman who lost everything in a fire

placed a Sign Board:
“Everything burnt but luckily 

faith & confidence


Business starts tomorrow.”
*Superb Attitude for Life!!*
Someone asked Life:

Why are you so difficult???

Life Smiled and said

“You people never appreciate easy things” 
Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, 

but because *you 👤 deserve peace… 😇*
*Unbelievable fact!!*

Our body is full of water but wherever it hurts,

BLOOD comes out.

& Our heart is full of blood but whenever it hurts,

TEARS comes out… 
If you have a *”Magnetic”* personality and yet people don’t get attracted to you, it’s not your fault… 

They have “IRON” deficiency in their bodies….
*Coolest msg….*

“If we sleep on flowers ,

its called our First Night”

“If flowers sleep on us, its called our Last Night”
Reality of life.😘


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