💥👆Challenge your self every day, do some thing that makes you uncomfortable. 
Stretch your self, Comfort zones are dead zones…. You will not grow if you don’t challenge your self, growth comes where there is pain… Nothing comes easily. 
You have to be able to trade off certain things for others. Measure and ask your self, is this worth it? If I did this, if I read this book, if I saved money, if i committed my self to my dream….. What will happen to me. 
And its here where you will be able to know what to do. Its hard, but the pain is not greater than that of regret while laying on your death bed. 
Stretch your self, you have more in you than you can ever begin to imagine. You don’t know what you can achieve, you don’t know how far you can go…  
Just stretch, challenge your self to live your dreams.


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