Quantum Physics (Energy) is real.

Quantum Physics(Energy) is everywhere.

Quantum Physics (Energy) is valuable.

Quantum Physics (Energy) is not magic.

It is a wonderful omnipresent Consciousness.

It keeps on 
✨ Quantum refers to  a small atomic state of the ‘ Physical Evolution ‘.✨

✨That atomic state is the ‘ Energy ‘ ( Electro Magnetic Energy)✨

✨ In this physical world, the powerful nuclear state of an atom is called ‘ Quantum Energy’ ✨

✨ This ‘ Energy ’ cannot be measured or numbered✨

✨This ‘ Quantum Energy ‘ simultaneously co-exist as matter and wave in any given time✨
✨ This  particular atomic state can be explained  by Quantum physics, Quantum mechanics, Quantum levels✨

✨ ‘ Quantum Energy ‘ is divine energy, the moment it touches the earth it illumines as light energy ✨

✨This specific energy has been referred to as ‘ *Gayatri* ‘ by our Maha-rishis✨ 

✨They called it as ‘ *Ganapathi* ‘ when this energy was utilized for intelligence and accomplishments✨

✨ They called it as ‘ *Lakshmi* ‘ when this energy was utilized for abundance, wealth &  prosperity✨

✨ They called it as ‘ *Saraswathi* ‘ when this energy was utilized for knowledge and wisdom✨
✨ *Gayatri* means the ‘Source Energy’.✨
✨Einstein theory:-  E = m.c2✨

✨Energy and matter are equivalent✨

✨Energy = mass * speed of light * speed of light✨

✨’ Quantum Energy ‘ means it is the Source Energy✨

✨This Source Energy i.e., the Quantum Energy = EMW (Electro Magnetic Waves)
✨Cellular and molecular structure of our human body is made -up of this ‘ Quantum Energy ‘. So, it is necessary to feed it with the same energy with what it is made -up of. But, this can happen only when our mind is ‘Still’ ✨

✨ ‘ Quantum Energy ‘ enters our body only when we are in the thought-less state , that is the meditative state. The energy which we  take during meditation is  Electro-magnetic Waves energy.✨
✨In the physical body, ‘ Quantum Energy ‘ is stored within the codes of the D.N.A✨
✨If these codes are enriched with more ‘ Quantum Energy ‘ , this human body can be raised itself to its magnificence. Our Light body will be activated✨
✨ For development of any (organs)in the physical body, ‘ Quantum Energy ‘ is essential✨
✨Not only on the Earth planet, for any creation on this Universe, Quantum Energy is the ‘Key’ energy✨
✨ *Quantum Mechanics*.. It describes the  size of the atom. 

 When observed, every atom has its certain speed, energy and time validated in it. When the time and place of an atom are brought together, it is defined as conjugate pairs.✨
✨ *Macro Cosmos*(Macrocosm)-The Source of the Creation:- The primordial egg out of which the whole  Universe  emerged, that is the Supreme Consciousness , ‘ALL THAT IS’✨
✨ *Micro Cosmos*(Microcosm)- The Quantum:- It is the  micro -unit presence of the Supreme Consciousness in every atom of the physical body.✨
✨The Consciousness that exists  both in the Macro and Micro Cosmos is ‘ Quantum Energy ‘✨
✨This Quantum Energy is also referred as Solar Divine Energy. Solar Divine Energy is the original Source of Existence of the Supreme Consciousness✨
✨  *Dimensions* :
✨ ‘ Quantum Energy ‘ moves in the form of waves, in the atom. This wave creates a space or a domain each in a different momentum✨
✨As the momentum is expanding with waves of Q.E. more and more space is created. This space is defined as ‘ Dimension ‘✨
✨Each dimension has its own state of existence. Each dimension has its  potential speed. All this process is known as 

‘Wave – function collapse’.✨


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