*The school principal sent this letter to the parents before the exams….. and yes !!! You are going to love reading & sharing THIS one !!!*
_Dear parents,_
_The exams of your children will start soon. I know you are all really anxious for your child to do well._
_But please do_ 

_remember amongst the_ 

_students who will be_

_sitting for the exams…_
_There is an artist,_

_who doesn’t need to_ 

_understand maths…_
_There is an entrepreneur,_

_who doesn’t care about_ 

_History or English literature…_
_There is a musician,_

_whose chemistry_

_marks won’t matter…_
_There is an athlete,_

_whose physical fitness_ 

_is more important than physics…_
_If your child does get top_ 

_mark’s, that’s Great…!_

_But if he or she doesn’t…_
_Please don’t take away_

_their self-confidence_ 

_and dignity from them…_
_Tell them it’s Okay…_

_It’s just an exam, they_ 

_are cut out for much_ 

_bigger things in life…_
_Please do this and_

_when you do,_

_watch your children_ 

_conquer the world…_
_One exam or low marks_ 

_won’t take away their_ 

_dreams and talent…_
_And please do not think_ 

_Doctors and Engineers_ 

_are the only happy_ 

_people in the World…_
_With Warm Regards,_

*_The Principal_*

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