If you want to achieve a lasting success in life, be ready to pay your dues. 
Be ready to engage in things the successful people do. Be ready to work, work and work very hard. Depending on your talent or dream, you must be ready to do a lot of training, reading, reheasing and practising. 
You must be ready to work hard and make a lot of sacrifice to fulfill your dreams. You must be ready to come out of your comfort zones and work tirelessly to achieve success. 
You must deny yourself of a luxurious lifestyle to achieve success and live out your purpose in life. 
It is true that when we are too comfortable we allow laziness to take over our lives. It is also easy to daydream about being successful but achieving success in reality involves a lot of hard work. 
Determine to become great and successful in your lifetime and remember that the only way you can achieve this is by working very hard to bring your dreams into reality. 
You deserve success in your lifetime!

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