Keep the fire burning! 
Are you still pursuing your dreams like when you first started? 
Are you still passionate and hungry for success like before? 
Is the passion still strong in your heart? 

Are challenges of life not taking you away from your vision? 
Think about it! Check yourself to see how far you’ve gone away from your dreams. Retrace your steps and start moving in line with your vision. 
Just because you’ve not gotten what you expected is not enough to stop you from pursuing your dreams. Those obstacles are not also enough to make you stop going in the direction of your dreams. 
How long will you keep dropping one dream for another? Stick to your guns! Give your dreams enough time to flourish in order to give you the success you desire. 
Believe that at the appropriate time, things will begin to fall in place. Keep honing your talent and skills. Be getting prepared for opportunity to come. 
Keep doing it! Don’t stop. I assure you of a successful end. It is what you deserve. You deserve success!


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