The name of Ugadi/Yugadi comes from Yuga + Aadi. Yuga means Era (Age) and Aadi means Start. Ugadi, thus, means the beginning of a new age. 
The four ages are the Golden age, the Silver age, the Copper age and the Iron age. The end of Iron age isreferred to hell- the age of ignorance, in which sorrow, chaos and impurity predominate. It also called the“Night of Brahma”.
 The Golden Age is called the “Day of Brahma” which is the age of purity, prosperity andpeace.
It is believed that Lord Brahma started the work of creation on this day. Ugadi/Yugadi is the first day of theHindu lunar calendar with a change in the orbit of the moon, which is 1st day of the New Year.
It also marks the arrival of spring. Spring is considered to be the first season of the year which heralds a newyear and a new beginning.
It is believed that the Ugadi is the beginning of a new cycle of time, starting with Satya Yug, the Golden Age.

It comes at the end of the old cycle.
This transition is celebrated as a wonderful and colourful festival, because after Holi (the purification of the soul by imbibing Godlyknowledge, inculcating the divine virtues by replacing the vices with virtues) the New age, New yuga, and New era will start. So, it is the

time to change ourselves or to purify ourselves by inculcating the divine virtues.
Ugadi is considered as the most auspicious time to start new ventures.

On Ugadi we wear new clothes which signify that the body is the “dress” for the soul which is eternal, imperishable and immortal. 
Itreminds us that we are not the body but we are souls (atma). Just as we discard old clothes, in the same way we, souls, leave our oldbodies and take new ones.
Symbolically, tying mango leaves signifies thanks-giving to celebrate bounteous crops and general well-being as well assignaling the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

The eating of a specific mixture of – Neem Buds/Flowers for bitterness, Raw Mango for strong taste, Tamarind Juice for

sourness, Green Chili/Pepper for heat, jaggery for sweetness, Pinch of Salt for saltiness. This mixture with all six tastes

called “UgadiPachhadi” in Telugu. “Bevu-Bella” (Ugadi chutney) symbolizes the fact that life is a mixture of different

experiences: sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, surprise, which should be accepted together and with equanimity.

We should make a resolve that we will face calmly whatever happens in the coming year, accepting it with good grace.

Men should rise above sorrow and happiness, success and failure.

Let this New Year be an opportunity for each and everyone to recognize the divinity in every human being!


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