The most readily identifiable quality of a total winner is an overall attitude of personal optimism and enthusiasm. 
Winners understand the psychosomatic relationship – psyche and some – mind and body…that the body express what the mind is concerned with….
They know that life is a self fulfilling prophecy, that a person usually gets what he or she actively expects. 
Losers say, “with my luck, I was bound to fail.” Winners say, “I was good today, I’ll be better today.”
Your fears and worries turn anxiety which is distressful – the production of certain hormones and antibodies changes resistance levels are lowered and you become more vulnerable to disease and accident. 
Optimism is like a forest fire, you can Snell it for miles before you see it burning. 
Optimism is like fly paper. You can’t help getting stuck to it. What can you except for yourself in life if not to win? 
Except to win – there is no time to lose. See you at the Top that’s your place.


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