Let us sing together the glory of 

” Sri Rama Rajya ” on the hippy occasion of His Birthday .. King Ruled for over ten thousand years .Through period there was (1) no “,PUTRA SOKA ”  and (2) no ” Vaidhavya.” 
Why Sita – Rama Kalyanam is performed on SRI RAMA NAVAMI ?

The term SRI RAMA connotes the SOUL / SELF of every Person .

The term SITADEVI  denotes the Physical Body of each Person .
Sage Valmiki described that Sri Rama is SHODASA GUNA SAMPANNA . He became so after marrying SITA DEVI  ; because She is SHODASI .
In fact in order to make Sri Rama , SHODASA GUNA SAMPANNA , Sage Viswamitra performed YAGNA with  the help of Sri Rama .
The Physical Body of every Person should remain , during every minute , on par with SOUL /SELF .It becomes possible to every person , whenever SRI RAMA remains in the SOUL and SITADEVI remains in the Physical Body .
In order to acquaint each Person with this secret , Brahma Sri RAGHAVA NARAYANA SASTRY revealed that on Sri Rama Navami SRI SITA RAMA KALYANAM is perfomed in every place .


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