“ Hundreds of thoughts go through one’s mind at any given time. These thoughts often have no Particular direction. You need to rise above Your thoughts, to become the “ sky ” as it were. That way, You become the objective listener to Your thoughts. This sets You on the Path of self-awareness. ” 
☘“ Awareness is the starting Point of every quest. Without awareness we flounder on the Path. Awareness removes digressions and shows a clear Path ahead. ” 
☘“ Awareness means achieving greater clarity and honesty in all aspects of Your life. You understand what others are trying to communicate to You at a deeper and more realistic level. ” 
☘“ The benefits of heightened awareness include accepting that we are responsible for our actions, expectations and beliefs and how they influence what we do. ” 
☘ “ People often judge others, Yet most People don’t really know themselves. ” 
☘ “ It is really difficult to know Yourself, and almost impossible to know another Person Completely. ” 
☘ “ Aristotle has rightly said: ‘ To know thyself is the highest wisdom ’. ” 
☘“ Greater Awareness also helps us differentiate between reality and wishful thinking. ” 
☘“ Awareness allows You to be mindful of what is really going on and why You are reacting the way You are. ” 
☘“ Awareness is also achieved through active listening … listening with Your eyes, ears and heart. Give Your undivided attention and remain non-judgmental. Many People listen only with their ears. They miss out on body language, which constitutes much of the communication. ”


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