A small prayer before going to bed to cleanse your Karmas in 4 simple steps :
Step 1.

*Remain in Gratitude* 🙏:
Divine Thanks  to The Universe for blessing me with everything that I have got in my life today. Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!
Step 2

*Ask for Forgiveness:*
Right from my FIRST birth in all my lifetimes till now all those beings, things, souls whom I have hurt knowingly or unknowingly, I am “SORRY” for that, Please FORGIVE me, Thank You, I love you and bless you from my heart for your Highest Good in life
Step 3 

All those beings,  souls who have hurt me frm my first birth in all my lifetimes till nw I “FORGIVE” them fm my heart forever and release them from any oaths, ya ny curses if any, given knowingly, unknowingly to them.
Step 4
I “FORGIVE” myself and release myself from any guilt, if any. I love and thank every cell of my body that supported and loved me from my first birth till nw. 


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