(1). MAJESTIC MONDAY God created the heavens and the earth He gave this world it’s form, This is our atmospheric birth The evening and the morn. (2). THUS TUESDAY God divided the waters under & above the firmament Heav en, Oh precious Heaven, The place where our eternity can be spent. (3). WORTHY WEDNESDAY The dry land appeared as earth, the waters he called seas More presence of the Lord is coming to be, Grass came about, herbs and fruits he yields Fruits of every kind & trees he did reveal. (4). THANKFUL THURSDAY Shini ng beautifully the stars at night Bringing about the morning light, God paved a way so we can surely say Thank God, this is our precious fourth day. (5). FRUITFUL FRIDAY Every kind of fish with all colors and sizes Every bird and fowl taking flight in the air He gave these graceful creatures for all to share, Cattle of all kind & every beast of the land, grazing togeth er friendly like the lion & the lamb. (6). SATISFIED SATURDAY God created man in his likeness To rule over all creatures of each kind Such a passionate father, keeping human nature in mind, It wasn’t good for man to be alone He created woman to complete this happy home. And the Sabbath, God’s day of sweet rest The seventh day, Sunday blessed with humbleness, Th is blessed day the Lord has made, beautiful heaven & earth We thank and praise him for this joyous universe.


  • Sports
  • Television
  • Friends
  • Traveling
  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Music
I live
  • in a house
I live
Colour of your hair
Do you use skin care products?
Colour of your eyes
Weight (pounds)
59 kg
Height (feet)
5.8 ft
I (sometimes) wear
Do you have children?
I’m looking for
  • Friendship
  • Love
How often do you go on a holiday?
When I go on a holiday, I go
  • by car
  • by plane
  • by bike
On vacation, I’m looking for
  • luxury
Favourite cities abroad
  • London
  • Moscow
My favourite holiday sports are
  • snowboarding
  • diving
I sometimes have to travel abroad for my job
How often do you play video games?
Favourite gaming type
  • Action
  • Sports
  • Web Games
Gaming Console
  • Playstation
  • Playstation 2
  • Playstation 3
How many hours do you sleep on average each night?
less than 5h
I don’t smoke!
How often do you eat fastfood?
How often do you practise sports?
What do you usually drink when you go out?
Favourite beer brand
  • I don’t drink beer!!
Clothing style
  • Classic
Car interests
  • Fast cars
Favourite motorcyle brand
With my mobile phone, I can
  • call
  • text
  • e-mail
  • play music
I read the newspaper
every day
Favourite newspaper
The Sunday Times
How many pets do you have?
1 pet
What kind of pets do you have?
  • dog
Music style
  • Classic
Favourite radio station
My plans for this year are
  • practise more sports
I love gadgets, so I have a(n):
  • laptop
My favourite books are
  • books about human sciences
  • poetry
  • history books
  • sports books
  • philosophy books
Do you have digital television?

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