Life is a question

Nobody can answer it

Death is an answer 

Which nobody can question

So njoy the question without any ego,

Till you get the answer.

As god has created a book with begining of Q&ending of Ans in everybodys life, v have to fill the blank pages inbetween by our good works.

Successful people have two things on their lips……….

*”Silence and Smile”,*

‘Smile’ to solve problem ; and ‘Silence’ to Avoid Problem.

*RELATION with a GOOD Person is…*

*You Break it, Crush it, Squeeze it,*

*even beat n grind it Still YOU will GET ONLY SWEETNESS.*


         MIND is weak

         Situation is a



     MIND is balanced

           Situation is



        MIND is strong

     Situation becomes


💐🌹 *Choosing hundred wrong persons may not affect your life*.
*But missing one right person will leave you a broken heart through out your life*.