You will astonish to see how much you have achieved, if you are not worried about who gets the credit.
तुम यह देख कर दंग रह जाओगे की तुमने कितना कुछ प्राप्त कर लिया है, यदि आप इस की चिंता ना करो की श्रेय किसे मिल रहा है।

“If you need knowledge,

Keep adding something new to your mind everyday;


If you need wisdom,

Then keep deleting a few negative things from your mind everyday…”

Never think you are nothing…
Never think you are everything…
But always think you are something and you can achieve anything!
TODAY ONWARDS let’s shave self-confidence and not superiority or inferiority complexes…

🌷🌷A positive  attitude  plays an important role in our lives. Positive  thinking not only provides  us with new aspirations  and new hope but also  provides us a lot of courage. It also  helps us to succeed  & stand strong amidst  adversities. 🌷🌷

In God’s family of faith, He provides mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers for us. The Lord gives His joy as we share our lives together in His grace and love.
*GOD,* You’ve  called us to serve one another. Give me a heart willing to accept the care of others. May I ask for help when I am in need and respond with a heart of grace to others when they ask me for help.
_*God loves you and me; let’s love one another.*_