🙇‍♀Talking to God🙇‍♀
🌹 Very often in my quiet moments , my moments of reflection and self-examination, I realise that certain things I have done were wrong.
🌹 I have caused sorrow to someone, either through thought, word or action; I may have been keeping someone at a distance, giving them the cold treatment; I may have satisfied my desire at the expense of others, or I may have been living a life of deceit.
🌹 I feel remorse, regret , and I promise to change, to improve myself. But what about those past actions? They seem to be burden on my head and, the more I recall them, the heavier they seem to get. It is at such times that I experience God as my friend; the one I can talk to and share personal things with; the one who will forgive and direct me and be my guide. I do not have to make an appointment to talk to God, and I am not embarrassed to disclose my secrets to God.
🌹 It is true that I have to reap the fruits of the seeds I sow, but with knowledge of this truth and help from God , strength and courage increase.
🌹 I have a friend who is always there, not only in times of distress and sorrow, but in times of happiness too.


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